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Sill The first thing to do is to remove ECU which is located behind the passenger side kick panel. Remove the sill by removing the four plastic screws (position highlighted by red circles) and carefully prying it off.

Don't lose the screws and clips. You'll need them to put it back when you're finished.

Kick panel Next, the kick panel itself should be removed by undoing the highlighted three screws.

Note: In this picture you can see that the interior light is on - it shouldn't be! Before any electrical work on your car, you should disconnect the battery for safety. Short circuits can cause fires or damage the electronics!

Lamp connector Remove the plug off the back of the lamp and put the kick panel aside.

ECU in situ The ECU must then be disconnected from the wiring harness by undoing the bolt circled on the left. Then undoing the two highlighted screws top and bottom.

As you can see, this model of 180SX (1991 SR20DET) has ECU type number 62. There are several different numbers used in different years and models. Some of the information outlined here may differ a little if you have a different numbered ECU, though the general process should still apply.

ECU removed After unclipping the cable tied harness from the bottom tab, the ECU can now be completely removed from the car.

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