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Jaycar Independent Electronic Boost Controller Kit

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IEBC As I noted previously, a recent dyno day showed that the Air/Fuel ratios on the 180SX were quite healthy throughout the entire rev range, which, along with a recent intercooler upgrade, gave me the confidence that it would be safe to increase the boost level a couple of PSI. Hopefully this with be enough to bump it over the 200 RWHP mark (seeing as it is currently just below this, at 193 RWHP).

I did consider a simple bleed valve, but these have a tendency to spike and not give the degree of control I would like, while most commercial electronic boost controllers are simply too expensive for my taste (OK, I'll admit it - I'm a cheapskate!). The final solution was to combine both of my interests (electronics and cars) and build my own electronic boost controller. Rather than design one from scratch, Jaycar Electronics have some excellent kits available which fit the bill very nicely.

Kit contents The Jaycar Independent Electronic Boost Controller (IEBC) Kit has some unique advantages over its more expensive brethren. One of the most important differences is its method of controlling the wastegate. A typical electronic boost controller controls the wastegate by bleeding pressure off the "vacuum" line. The IEBC, on the other hand, controls the wastegate by directly controlling boost pressure leading to the wastegate. This means that the IEBC wastegate is held completely closed right up until the boost level required is reached, which means that the boost will increase as fast as the turbo can physically build it. In turn, this should mean that the turbo will reach full boost much sooner than normal, which should also mean that mid-range performance will improve.

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