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Jaycar Independent Electronic Boost Controller Kit

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Digital hand controller The kits are fairly simple with all components packaged neatly, along with pre-printed and pre-cut cases. One thing you do need to be aware of though, the IEBC cannot be tuned without the aid of a hand controller which must be bought as a separate kit. Both kits are relatively simple to build as long as you have the needed tools (soldering iron, multimeter, pliers and cutters) and can follow instructions. It took me roughly an hour and a half to build the hand controller and two hours to build the IEBC itself (though, do remember that I used to do this for a living). I also bought a suitable rocker switch to mount on the dash (rather than use the supplied switch mounted in the case) to allow me to easily select the boost map on the run.

Interior of hand controller I began construction with the hand controller, a simple project with the only thing to watch being keeping the height of the switches constant. The display is a pre built module, only requiring soldering to the main board. This display is apparently an updated version of the original with built in back light, which has necessitated a minor change to the power supply of the IEBC (the addition of a heat sink to the regulator). There is a single adjustment on the board, being the display contrast. This has apparently caught a few people out, with the initial adjustment being set too low and as a consequence ending up with no display. The instructions are not totally clear as to where to start the adjustment from, though I found that it was best at fully clockwise.

Interior of IEBC The circuit board used in the IEBC is the same board that is used for several Jaycar automotive kits, each of these have a few minor differences in componentry, so there are a few jumpers that need setting for this specific configuration. Only one jumper needs to initially be in place for the IEBC (the others are only needed for special configurations). There are two identical processors used in this kit, only the firmware differs between them. As they are programmed differently, they must be installed in the correct location for proper operation. They have each been hand marked by Jaycar, one with a dot, the other a line. Ensure these are correctly fitted. In my kit, there was also one IC (74HC14) that had a substitute part provided (40106), which is functionally and physically identical. Overall, construction is relatively straight forward.

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