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Cigarette Lighter Socket/Speaker Holes

Console The next items to come under scrutiny was a couple of simple cosmetic issues. The cigarette lighter (these days sometimes called an accessory socket) was not functioning. Inspection of the fuses showed that one had blown. Unfortunately, the labels were all in Japanese. After scouring the Internet, I managed to locate a translation. This confirmed that this fuse was indeed the socket. Unfortunately, the fuse blew immediately upon replacement. Starting at the socket end, I disassembled the console to discover a white wire attached that did not look stock. Tracing it back under the dash led me to discover that it lead back to an after-market Turbo Timer tucked away under the dash! I was not told of the existance of this by the previous owner. I wonder if he knew it was there? Unfortunately, it does not seem to work, damn. Thinking that as the Turbo Timer didn't work, it was a possibility that it could be the problem. I removed the Turbo Timer completely, making a further discovery that it was connected via a commercial harness, rather than being hard-wired (hmmm, keep that for later...). While still in pieces, I again replaced the fuse. This time the fuse didn't immediately blow. Ah hah! I found the problem. Wrong! After reassembly, the fuse again blew. This had me scratching my head for a while. I re-checked all the wiring and made sure that the socket wasn't shorting out on something when re-assembled, but nothing was obvious. Eventually, I realised that one thing I did do after reassembly was plug the lighter back in. Yep, you guessed it, the lighter wasn't an original unit and was poorly designed, shorting out the positve and negative contacts in the socket. The solution (as I don't smoke) was to simply throw away the lighter. Now my hands free phone kit works fine.

Parcel tray The second cosmetic item was to cover the two holes left in the parcel tray when the previous owner took out the speakers that were mounted there. I thought the best solution was to buy a couple of flush mount speaker grills that are used for mounting speaker in ceilings. I had seen these listed in electronics catalogues, but none of the stores local to me had them. While picking up some replacement fan belts for the car, I decided to drop in to the Car Hi Fi installers in the next shop on the off chance that they might have something suitable. I was in luck, they had some Pioneer grills that were in their bin that would foot the bill perfectly and I could have them gratis. Perfect!