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Intercooler Upgrade

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S15 intercooler After a recent SilviaWA dyno day provided me with a dyno chart that told me the car was quite healthy and could probably take a mild boost without ill effects (Air/Fuel Ratio-wise), I decided to upgrade the intercooler in preparation for later installation of an electronic boost controller (probably a Jaycar kit). With a little luck, this might actually raise the rear wheel horsepower to over 200 HP (from the current 193 HP - bah, just short!).

As I'm working to a tight (very tight!) budget, the typical "largest front mount intercooler that will fit" upgrade is completely out of reach for me. So, the next best thing is to replace the stock S13 intercooler with a stock S15 intercooler. The S15 intercooler is substantially thicker than the S13 unit, as can be seen in the photo below. All the other dimensions are identical, making this swap one of the easier upgrades.

Intercooler comparison Although this upgrade would probably not be the best for running high boost pressures (at least not for an extended period), the added cooling capacity should handle a couple of PSI increase over the current level of boost without the intake temperature increasing too much beyond what the stock cooler could cool at stock levels of boost. As I will continue to run the stock turbo for some time, it is not advisable to run much more than 1 Bar (14.5 PSI) in any case.

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