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Interior The next change after the engine swap was not entirely planned. A pair of nice velour bucket seats from a 1994 180SX became available on the SilviaWA forum at such a good price, I couldn't pass them up. Seats were something I did intend to replace sometime down the track as the standard seats lack shape and tend to be a little hard. These simply bolted straight in without any major work, only requiring the seat belt clip from the old seats to be moved over. These seats are an improvement, being a little more shapely and definitely nicer material. The only disappointment is the drivers seat back appears to have a slight twist. As most of these accessories are from damaged or written-off cars, it is not that surprising.

Also around this time, I managed to replace the centre console bin lid with a standard lid. My car came with what I suspect to be an after-market (albeit a made-for-purpose) lid which incorporated a two-can drink holder. The only problem with it was that I found the extra height to be a problem with my elbow hitting the lid when changing gears. I was very lucky that I was able to locate someone on the SilviaWA forum that was willing to make a direct swap for his standard lid.

Update: I have since found that the drink holder lid was a factory option, though not often seen.