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Steering Wheel Installation

Pretty steering wheel Next up was to replace the steering wheel. My kids bought me an after-market steering wheel for Fathers day a few years ago, as at that time I was in the process of building a home made sports car (a Locost). Unfortunately a severe lack of funds not long after, forced me to sell the beginnings of the sports car. I kept the steering wheel, but never had the car to put it in until now. To install the wheel, I first needed to obtain a steering wheel boss, which connects the steering wheel to the steering column. This wasn't quite so straight forward as I discovered that as my 180SX has Super HICAS (Super HIgh Capacity Active Steering), there are sensors in the steering wheel hub. This means that I needed to purchase one designed for the purpose. I had some difficulty trying to track one down. I was offered several bosses for non-HICAS S13's, but I was warned on the forums that installing one of these would not only disable the HICAS (which I wasn't yet sure if I wanted disabled), but it had been known to make the rear steering randomly twitch, would could be quite dangerous. Eventually, I discovered an online store ( based right here in Perth that sold a suitable boss at a very reasonable price.

Installation is very straight-forward. Make sure the original steering wheel is pointing straight ahead and be certain to not move it away from there. Remove the old wheel, and ensure that the new one is installed with the mark on the boss pointing to the 12 o'clock position. Screw the wheel to the boss and clip on the horn button (which must be bought separately). Done. One very bright, multi-coloured steering wheel installed. Surprisingly nice feel.