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Turbo Timer Installation

Turbo timer under dash I put in a stupidly low bid on a FET turbo timer on e-bay, never expecting to get it. After a couple of days with no-one else bidding on it, I was amazed to find that I had got myself a working turbo timer for the princely sum of $25.00! I chose the FET Turbo Timer out of about a dozen other more widely known timers, primarily as I already had a harness to suit. This harness was already in my 180SX when I bought it - attached to a non-working FET turbo timer. When I received my purchase in the mail, to my surprise, it came with a Nissan harness of it's own!

Turbo timer harness Installation of the unit was an absolute doddle due to the supplied harness. All I had to do was remove the lower dash tray to allow me to get at the underneath of the steering column. The plug under there is unclipped and the harness inserted in-line. As there had been a previous FET turbo timer installed in the car, the wire to the handbrake had already been installed (and even had the correct connector on it). It was a simple matter of plugging in the handbrake cable, connecting the earth and plugging in the unit to the harness socket. Switching on the ignition resulted in the display lighting and it was a simple matter to choose the number of minutes (1-5) to run after switch off. I set it to 2 minutes as I feel this should be more than enough, as I normally cool the car down a bit by driving sedately for a short while before switching off, in any case.

The unit tested out perfectly, keeping the car running for the set time after switching off, removing the key and even arming the immobiliser. Immoblisers can sometimes make it difficult for a turbo timer to operate as power is removed from the ignition system. Luckily in my case, the power is maintained. I also ensured that the failsafe switch on the handbrake operated correctly. When I released the handbrake while running on timer, the engine was immediately cut. While it is not essential to have the handbrake connection, it is a good precaution to take. It stops the car from jumping into gear and driving off when there is no-one in the car.

UPDATE: I recently had an enquiry regarding the wiring of the unit (that isn't part of the harness). I thought I'd post the info here for anyone else that might need it...

The White with Red stripe connects to the handbrake. The Black with Red stripe connects to ground (chassis). Red, Blue with Red stripe and Yellow with Red stripe all go to the ignition system harness.